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Water Soluble Packaging

SOLUBLON® PVA film is widely used as a water soluble packaging material for a diverse range of product types.  New products introduced in a soluble pouch format can gain a competitive edge and market share.  These are some of the many products packaged in SOLUBLON®:

  • Agricultural chemical

  • Laundry detergents

  • Auto dish detergents

  • Window washing concentrate

  • Pigments and dyes

  • Bacteria and enzyme treatments

  • Industrial batch chemicals

  • Disinfectants

  • Toilet blocks

  • Water treatment chemicals

The advantages of water soluble packaging include:

  • User safety for hazardous materials, as many industrial accidents occur during theWater Soluble Packaging pouring stage.

  • Environmental safety is enhanced by eliminating contaminated secondary containers for applications such as agricultural chemicals and medical.

  • Large cost savings when contaminated containers are regulated with bottle deposits, or collected after usage.  The film goes into solution, and the secondary container can be disposed of in the normal waste stream. Water Soluble Packaging

  • Convenience for such applications as consumer detergents.

  • Uniqueness in the marketplace.

  • Precise unit dosing for industrial batch production or cleaning agents.

  • Packaging and shipping cost reduction with concentrates mixed in water for applications such as window washing concentrates.

A varied grade lineup allows us to provide the right film for any application.  Dissolution rates, impact strength or broad compatibility can be the focus of any particular application.

Water Soluble PackagingLiquids powders and tablets can be packaged successfully.  Aicello offers specially designed liquid specification PVA films to enhance package integrity.  Special casting machines have been designed and laminate films are also available.

All SOLUBLON® PVA films have tight quality control in our ISO registered process.  The films are designed for easy machinability on production lines, enhancing productivity and packaging rates.

In the agricultural chemical industry, Aicello led the way in 1990, with the first water soluble packaging films on the market to be granted tolerance exemptions by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

To provide a fuller range of services, Aicello offers a film screening service to check the interactions between our films and your product.  Water soluble bags are available.