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SOLUBLON® PVA Water Soluble Laundry Bag

Water soluble laundry bags are an effective closed handling system in the medical industry where safety and high sanitary standards are vital to prevent the spread of infectious components.  Handling is safer when the contaminated linen or clothing is isolated in a water soluble bag from the point of filling to the laundry machine or disposal point.

SOLUBLON® PVA bags can be made warm or hot water soluble to handle moist linen.  The bags dissolve completely in the laundry, leaving no contaminated packaging waste.  In addition, PVA bags are biodegradable and have odor barrier properties.

SOLUBLON hospital laundry bag

Water soluble biohazard bags can also be used for the safe transport of medical and scientific instruments until they can be sterilized.

SOLUBLON® water soluble laundry bags come pre-made and supplied in boxes with integrally attached pink soluble tie tapes.