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PVA Film Technical Support

At Aicello, we understand water soluble films are new to many companies.  We offer a full range of support services for new product development.

Our Accessible TechnoCenter is a facility dedicated to turning your ideas into reality.  Developing a successful new product is often a partnering effort.  Together, we can conceptualize unique applications that can take advantage of PVA film properties.  Specific needs and performance requirements can be met exceptionally well by the film's solubility, barrier or solvent resistant properties.  Aicello also offers a film screening service to support packaging applications.

  • We can support your company in product  development, testing and process engineering.Aicello TechnoCenter laboratory
  • We understand the boundaries of film capabilities,  and can determine if a film grade exists, or can  exist to meet the design or performance criterion.
  • Once a film is chosen, we can support your  testing and processes, to perfect the production  techniques and machinery tailored to the film properties.
  • After sales field technical support is another key aspect in working with Aicello, with onsite troubleshooting, trial supervision and technical service support visits.

Together, we can turn ideas into practical applications uniquely met with water soluble films.