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SOLUBLON® Water Soluble PVA Film

Knowledge, commitment and communication are essential ingredients to innovation.  Aicello has developed a diverse range of cold and hot water soluble PVA films to meet the specific industry requirements by listening to our clients.  Each grade of our lineup was developed to address specific customer needs.

Dissolving SOLUBLON PVA Bag

Dissolution times, strength, stiffness and cosmetics are just a few of the grade specific application parameter requirements.

Standard and copolymer PVA resins are utilized to enhance performance as required.  Aicello offers both laminated and embossed films, with custom sized bags as well.  Film gauges run from 30 to 90 microns, and widths to 63 inches.

Aicello manufacturers water soluble PVA film (also known as PVOH) by solution casting, the method of choice for the highest quality films without peer.  Casting machines are custom built with our knowledge, by related companies within the Aicello group.