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Water Transfer Printing

Water transfer printing is a system that allows for eye catching designs printed on a wide variety of products and substrates.  It is especially useful to print complex shapes.

Water transfer printed items

SOLUBLON® PVA water soluble film is gravure printed with almost any type of graphic pattern, examples can be wood, marble, camouflage or company logos.  The film is floated in an immersion tank of water.  The product to be printed is dipped into the water, in either a manual or automated system.  Water follows any complex shape to produce a smooth, consistent print.  A clearcoat is then applied for durability and fade resistance.

Water transfer printing can significantly increase the value, shelf appeal and competitive position of many products.  Several third party proprietary printing systems are available and licensed worldwide to both manufacturers and contract printers.  Our TS grade are ideally suited due to stiffness and SOLUBLON® tight gauge control, to successfully print in a gravure process.

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