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Aicello History

1933 - The MISUZU CELLOPHANE Company is established for converting and packaging of cellophane, the cutting edge technology of the time.
1948 - The AICHI CELLOPHANE Company is established in Nagoya and cellophane production begins.
1950 - AICHI CELLOPHANE adds a second cellophane production line.
1955 - MISUZU CELLOPHANE begins production of SUZULON polyethylene film.
1961 - AICHI CELLOPHANE begins production of PVA water soluble film. SOLUBLON® is developed and provided to the detergent industry.
1969 - The world first VCI film, BOSELON®, is produced.
1973 - Quality Assurance Policies, and Technology Development Programs are developed in order to maintain Aicello as a technology and quality leader.
1978 - Development of SAVONNER film soap.
1983 - Production of high purity CleanContainers begins, as semiconductor and medical industries develop stringent clean specifications.
1990 - A cogeneration system power source is implemented.
1990 - European offices are established in Dusseldorf, Germany.
1990 - AICELLO NORTH AMERICA established in Vancouver, Canada.
1990 - Production begins in AICELLO Malaysian plant.
1990 - AICELLO PHOTO MASK (APM) film for sandblast etching is developed and unveiled at Germany GLASTEC90.
1994 - Establishment of Solublon stocking, slitting and local distribution in the United States.
1995 - Recycling Center begins operations handling not only Aicello film and bottle products, but other industrial waste products as well.
1996 - AICELLO MILIM CHEMICAL CO., LTD. is established in South Korea for production of CleanContainers and HYPERCLEANPE film.
1996 - The Accessible TechnoCenter is opened, allowing employees from all departments as well as individuals from outside of the company, to meet and exchange ideas and solutions.
1997 - Aicello opens a subsidiary in Thailand, AICELLO THAILAND CO., LTD..
1997 - Aicello European office incorporates as AICELLO CHEMICAL EUROPE GmbH.
1998 - ISO9002 certification obtained.
1998 - Chitosan capsule products commercialized.
1999 - HYPERCLEANPE film production begins.
2000 - ISO14001:1996 certification obtained.
2002 - AICELLO CHEMICAL EUROPE GmbH, joins forces with Harke-Group, Aicellos long-standing distribution partner in Europe, and moves to Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany, headquarters of Harke-Group.
2003 - ISO9001:2000 certification obtained.
2005 - ISO14001 certification obtained.
2005 - Murakami Kogyo becomes part of Aicello Group (wording can be better, I do not know how they became part of Aicello)
2006 - The AICELLO Logistics Center is established adjacent to the main Toyohashi production complex.
2007 - FINE PLUS CO., LTD. becomes a part of the Aicello Group (wording can be better, I do not know how they became part of Aicello)
2008 - The website for Colon-specific Drug Delivery System, chitosan-coating technology to achieve a colon-specific DDS is established.
2009 - Established for the production of water-soluble film manufacturer Hamamatsu.
2009 - Acquired Tohcello PVA water soluble film business line.
2011 - PT.ACBOS Indonesia established in Indonesia.
2012 - AICELLO (SHANGHAI) TRADING CO., LTD. established in Shanghai, China.
2012 - AICELLO AMERICA CORRPORATION established in the United States in Princeton, NJ .
2013 - AICELLO MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V. established in Celaya, Mexico.
2013 - AICELLO INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED. established in Haryana, India.