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Aicello is a specialty packaging manufacturer, producing a range of unique, leading edge products.  Established in 1933, Aicello has current sales of $200 million and 490 employees.  The headquarter is located in a 10 building complex in Toyohashi Japan with production plants also located in China, Malaysia and Korea, and OEM production in the United States and Thailand.  Production of SOLUBLON® PVA film is located in Japan, with distribution, converting and warehousing facilities located in the United States and Europe.

Aerial photo of Aicello plant

Aicello is ISO9001/9002 registered since 1998 and ISO14001 since 2000.

Polyvinyl alcohol water soluble film production started in 1961 with an American consumer laundry detergent.  Since then, we have endeavored to work hand in hand with industry to develop new PVA film markets.  We listen to the needs of our customers, and work with them to find imaginative solutions.

Aicello Clean RoomVision is our core strength, with resources devoted to pioneering new product types to solve tomorrow's most challenging issues today.  Aicello owns over 50 active patents, including more than 10 for water soluble films.  Core technologies are in solution casting and extrusion, from which our product development flows.  The pursuit of innovation demands that we continually expand our understanding of the chemistry and physics of film, extrusion and clean room techniques, and to work closely with our suppliers and customers.

Our first-to-market products include:

A number of world leading products are in our portfolio:

  • SOLUBLON® water soluble films supplied globally as the quality leader.
  • CleanContainers have the lowest particle counts available worldwide, and are used in the toughest clean industries such as semi-conductors fluids and medical.
  • HYPERCLEAN PE films are also used in mission critical clean applications such as semiconductor wafer carriers and hard drive platter carriers.

Aicello is a world leading company, with unmatched product quality, personalized service and innovative solutions.

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