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Aicello is a global leader in specialty packaging, manufacturing PVA water soluble films since 1961.  Since then, the company's market presence has grown to supply clients on six continents as the quality leader in soluble film.  Aicello has a wide range of available customer solutions with extensive in-house converting, printing and bag making capabilities.  SOLUBLON® brand PVA water soluble film is used in diverse applications such as packaging, transfer printing, and medical.  

Aicello Corprate HeadquatersPartnerships and support are our ideals.  Aicello solutions are shaped to meet the unique needs of your product and marketplace.  If your product requires new ideas in water soluble film, then Aicello is the finest choice to help you move ideas from concept to commercialization.  Our technical team can assist you in product development to enhance the value of your brand.  Aicello local sales offices and distributors are located conveniently throughout the world, as worldwide supply reliability is our focus.  SOLUBLON® PVA film production facilities are located in Japan, with distribution, inventory and film slitting facilities in the United States and Europe. 

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Aicello is registered under both ISO9001 and ISO14001.  We are committed to quality in all we do.  State-of-the-art casting machines produce water soluble film with excellent roll to roll consistency, meeting the toughest requirements.

Aicello, leading through innovation, quality and communication.